Saturday Sermon: Zen reminders

by Todd Hebert

Church is closed today for renovations and a nice sage cleansing, or something like that. Come back next week.

But I would like to direct you over to Leo Batauba’s Zen Habits blog. You probably already read Zen Habits, but if you don’t, you should. It’s a nice, quiet, and refreshing read.

For Leo’s 38th birthday, he has compiled a list of 38 life lessons he has learned for those starting out in life, specifically his 6 kids.

There is nothing revolutionary or mind-blowing in Leo’s 38 nuggets of wisdom, but each serves as a much-welcomed reminder for anyone, really, who lives, breaths, works, eats, etc.

So have a great Saturday, and head on over to 38 Life Lessons I’ve learned in 38 Years. If you have time, poke around the rest of the blog

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